Well, Christmas is coming up and I thought it's about time I got myself a new amp. What I'd like is something way versatile, that would let me play anything from blues to death metal. I've been looking at the Spider VI amps, especially the 75w one but I don't know what to do after seeing all of the shitty reviews. Any pointers? The Spider VI amp head is looking really nice too, but I don't know....
I used to have a spider II 75w when I started playing. It's a decent amp to learn on. My little brother still uses it actually. The problem is that you'll eventually become unsatisfied with your tone since the amp doesn't really let any of your guitar's natural sound come through.

That being said, I have a Peavey Valveking 112 now that I love.
If you go for a modeller you'll be better off with the Vypyr Tube.
I've heard good things about the Spider Valve too, but whatever you do, the Spider IV is NOT a good amp.
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apperantly the spider IV is alot better then spider III.. now i had the spider II, great amp to learn on like said above. but when you get a ear for tone, you realize it isn't to good. for death metal that is versitile, depends what your budget is really.. i could suggest you a mesa,higher end blackstar, i have never tried one but maybe a rivera. once we get a budget that can narrow it down, o and if you want tubes or not
If you're looking for something similar, look into the Peavey Vypyrs or maby a used Line 6 Flextone.
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My budget is near $500 or so, and tubes would be great but I'm really not sure if $500 would be enough for a nice tube amp.
How loud do you want? Are you going to be gigging or is this for your bedroom jamming?
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Very nice amp, definitely what you're looking for.