So basically, i wanted to simplify my 1990 Greco LP custom, i don't use neck pickup when i play this guitar, and i wanted to eliminate the un-necessary wiring, aswell as slightly alter the way the guitar behaves tonally, by removing the neck p-up all together, along with it's toggle switch etc.

i ended up having a brand new humbucker for the bridge laying around, i think it may have come from guitar fetish, it was in a white box that said in thick black marker "crunchy -bridge", so i put that in for fun, new 500k pot i had around, soldered everything up following a wiring diagram from seymour duncan's website.

sound wise, because apparently it is a "crunchy" pickup, it has a little more bite, and sounds cool, with all the empty cavity space it seems to act a little like a semi-hollow body with higher gain settings, which doesn't bother me, noise suppressors are made for a reason, but i don't mind a little controlled feedback.

here are some pictures of it:

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I tried doing this to my Epi lp standard including a refinish. I melted the veneer glue with a heatgun while I was stripping the top's paint I lost all motivation to do it so it's been left it's case, half mutitlated, since the summer :L
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yeah probably. Or the circuits.