The previous owner seems to have salvaged it for unecessary parts. Or maybe they just fell off.

It's a Jim Deacon strat copy

It's missing the white tip on the pickup selector and the string trees (there's two holes in the headstock where they used to be)

Can I just superglue on a new pickup selector tip?

How do I stick on some new string trees? Do I have to take the strings off?

Oh yeah, and the pickup covers are off white, which I don't like. Can I switch the covers alone to white?

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You can switch the the covers on the pickups if they are normal strat-type pups. You have ro remove the pickguard, unscrew the pickups, and then the covers come off easily.

You will have to at least loosen the strings significantly to put on new string trees.

Do not glue the selector switch tip on. They just push on. If you glue it, you will have to break something to ever get the switch off the pickguard.
you can just stick a new pickup selector tip on the little lever thing. You will need to screw the string trees in, you can take the string off, or just detune them enough so you can move'm around. you can also replace the pickup covers individually.

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for the switch: you can get a new switch tip, but dont superglue it on!
if you ever want to change the switch, you need to be able to get the tip off, or the switch can't be removed from the pickguard..

string trees: you don't have to take the strings right off, but tune them down lots. otherwise you're putting lots of unnecessary tension on the strings.

and pickup covers: you can usually just change the covers no problem.
take off the pickguard, and unscrew the pickup mounting screws. the pickups will just come apart from the pickguard, and the covers will come right off of the pickups with little trouble.
it's unlikely, but in some cases, the pickups are potted along with the covers. essentially, the covers are stuck to the pickup, and you're screwed.

but they should come off no problem. thats the case with most pickups.

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