Ok so I know most of you "elders" here have been helpin me alot on deciding on what amp. So I just drove on down to my local GC and thought I'm buying an amp today. Just so everyone knows I'v been trying to find somthing used and I'v been able to find NOTHING. So I played some bugera's the 1990 was nice I have to admit and so was the egnater I played but then I saw it. Peavey 6505 used in the corner for 599! This thing is spotless no wear and sounds amazing. Merry christmas to me!

welcome to the club!

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Congratz on the good deal!

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Hope you enjoy it! I know im still losing sleep over how amazing mine is..

HNAD man, Good Choice!
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looks like we're brothers now... as i too bought a used combo for something near that price (a 5150 from 2004).
Nice grab! HNAD!
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