thanks my friend! mellow is how it kind of comes out usually.
I added you man. You got some great tunes. Everything you do really works with yourself. Nothing seems forced or pointless. Good taste as well. I'm sorry I don't have any criticism. Maybe try making some not so mellow songs just to expand your horizons?

Try mine?


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Woah guys, this is actually the first post relevant to the thread in a LOOONG time. I applaud you Scotdizzle.

I found the damn sig thing!
as i'm listening,
at first i wish your voice was stronger, but maybe it will get so. it seems to falter on certain notes, especially when you go higher. the wispy voice thing works, but works best if you're confident on your notes. Also, the generic "indie/whatever" chord progression is so overdone, but i've done it so many times that it doesn't bother me at all!
i like the song a lot more once it picks up, with the more interesting guitar interplay, tambourine (is that it?) and such. the doubled vocals don't make up for strength, but sound pretty good.
the lyrics didn't strike me as very interesting. the rhymes were simple, but pop works when pop works. didn't bother me at all, just done to death.
overall a good listen, don't misunderstand me, i enjoyed it, it was kind of background music, but in the same way some of elliott smith's music is (and he's one of my favorites)
good work man.
c4c if you get a chance?