hey heres my crit

Intro :
was good , nothing special though , and it didnt really sound like an intro , it felt like i got dropped half way into the song.

Verse :
again nothing special , but still good

Pre-Chorus :
sorta gave an uplifting feel , but again not that special , but still good

Chorus :
Nice use of rhytms , not sure about the lead though , it could have been more melodic ,

Chorus 2 :
Liked the second part a lot more mainly because you added the distortion guitar

overall it was pretty good , but could have been a lot better.
and i thought it was really short , i mean 2 minutes is hardly a song imo.

anyway you have a good idea as to the feeling and sound of the song , but it just lacks some things here and there , if youd put some more work on this it could turn out epic !

anyway can you crit any of my songs ? there in my sig.
thanks for all the support architects! I guess with this kinda genre you love it or hate it, and i guess if you love misery signals you will like my stuff!

thanks for crits aswell mobiuz, the song definatly needs to be longer, and needs some more depth. Things like verses probably wont be too exiting, because in all honesty i dont really write songs for you guys listening to the guitar pro file, but for the guitar pro file to act as a template and to be made into a real song

might get another version out soon. Thanks for comments.
It's Awesome, But can you play it? Because going from 12-3-10-3-8, on a sixteenth note isn't an easy task...