I no that i have a thread floating around somewhere that asks a similar question, but i want to be more specific

Im looking at getting a tubescreamer, or a clone for tightening the sound of my overdriven mesa f30

The amp has plenty of overdrive, so a high gain overdrive isnt necessary, i just want it to be able to tighten the sound, maybe do blues on the clean channel, and possibly push it into metal territory

What are some of the clones to look out for, i cant really try many where i live in Aus but am just looking for ideas at the moment.

the pedals i have tried are the TS9, and i can try a bad monkey where i live.
I have looked into pedals such as the green screamer and the xotic bb preamp - which isn't really a clone - seems to be more transparent

So i just want your ideas, price isn't an issue at the moment, just want ideas, but am interested in quality differences between the bad monkey, TS9 and TS808 because there is a pretty big price gap, especially in aus

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Check out the Vox Satchurator also, I like mine but its a personal taste. By the way, if you're gonna get a tube screamer (808 or TS-9) get one from Maxon instead
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i'll probably get done for saying it, but i like the mxr wylde overdrive.

for actual tubescreamers - the maxon 808 is great, and the ibanez ts9dx has lots of options and is also a good pedal.

you could also look at modded tubescreamers, such as robert keeley and analog.man. i had my ts9dx modded. it's pretty sweet.

the xotic series are also great - bb, rc and ac.
$100 range: Digitech HardWire CM-2, Maxon OD808

$150 range: Xotic BB Preamp or Plus.

If you can, get the BB. IMO, it's the best sounding overdrive pedal around.
Any other clones, or just other pedals that work well tightening the sound?
Need to make a decision fairly soon
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Avoid anything but a Tubescreamer type pedal if you want to tighten your sound. The XOTiC pedals blow for tightening things up. I'd say get a TS7 or Boss SD-1 and mod it a bit. If you don't want to mod, get a used TS9 or TS9DX. A good clone that I like is the T-Rex Alberta.
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Boss SD-1 yes forgot that one, but get an 80's MIJ version. The 808, TS-9, SD-1 were used a lot back in the 80's along with JCM 800's to boost and tighten up your sound. A DS-1 MIJ is also an option. SD-1's are not difficult to find on Ebay if you don't mind going that route, just make sure you're buying an MIJ and not a later made in Taiwan version, big difference in them
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Hey man. The TS9 and Bad Monkey are rather similar sounding pedals. I bought a TS9 online (i live in aus) for $90, which is cheaper than the BM goes in stores.
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Where did you buy the TS9 from? That seems like a pretty damn good deal
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I have a MIJ black label SD-1, great pedal for a rhythm boost but i wouldnt trust it as a solo boost, it's a tad grainy and lacks bottom end for a full sound.

Maxon OD9 is what you want
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Whatever pedal you want get it:

1) used off ebay

2) from the US

The mark up in Aus is ridiculous.
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Avoid anything but a Tubescreamer type pedal if you want to tighten your sound. The XOTiC pedals blow for tightening things up.

Are you crazy? The BB is pretty much the perfect TS style overdrive. Why on earth would you say they blow for tightening things up...
How does a green screamer compare to a tubescreamer? I can get one for cheaper then a TS9, and only 30 more then a bad monkey - note aussie prices...
Hopefully I'll find some place to try them on monday when i go to melbourne
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Look for a V1 Danelectro Transparent Overdrive. This $30 pedal has made me retire all my Boss overdrives.
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Huh, I just bought a tubescreamer yesterday and I love it. Guitar Center had TS9's on sale. I'd totally recommend it, I've tried the bad monkey and even though it's a clone, it doesn't feel right to me. That may just be my ear though, or the fact that I have a thing against digitech, who knows.