Could be a NGD, got an epi SG310 and i hate i cant get teh action low enough. I play 80s hair metal and fancy an ibanez rg370. Anyone who owns one, what are your views on it
i went to a store just to buy this guitar and after playing it i hated it, but hey its down to preference i did find the sa-260fm which plays a lot better although they could be considored as completely different in style
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Its good. You can get some good harmonics out of it and the neck is fast. Just maintain the bridge and it will be good. The edge 3 bridge is not as bad as everyone says it is. You can divebomb and do all kinds of crazy stuff and it will stay in tune. Try it in a store if you can and buy it if you like it.
I love the one I have. Despite what alot of people say, I've yet to have any major troubles with my bridge. The only problem I do have is two cracks have developed where the neck joins the body, though that is probably from something I have done, and nothing to do with the guitar alone.
its a pretty good guitar. I mean the floyd rose isnt the BEST, but it will stay in tune as long as you dont abuse it.
and the neck is sick too. but i would replace the pickups fo sure.
Go Ibanez!
cheers guys so the consensus is its would be a step up from the epi SG310
I have that very guitar in black, and I love it! The neck feels great, as does the neck joint(I can no longer play a guitar that has the standard Fender style block joint). The only thing is that it can be a little harsh with the really high notes ddepending on your tone, and the bridge isn't the best, but those could always be replaced later on.
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