I have a line 6 spider 3 15w amp.. It's around 2 years old now.. It was good, but one day I plugged in, but my tone was horrible!! It sounds like wind going through the speaker, like the noise when you blow into a mic.. At first I thought it was my pedal, but I brought it into a shop and it was perfect.. Does anyone know anything that can help?? Please and thanks!
inb4 spider 3's are terrible anyways.

im not sure exactly what could cause this. it wouldnt be the speaker, it could possibly be a faulty piece of equipment, be that a cable, the connection to your guitar, or a pedal. worst case scenario it could be something wrong with the amp itself.
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I have the same amp man, recently i can't plug my guitar up without this overpowering buzz, but it might be my guitar jack.
Either way, Line 6 spyder 3's aren't that good man.
Peavey makes way better amps, get the peavey viper for a practice amp.
It's way better, and the same price.
If something is wrong with it circuit-wise, there's no real way to repair it.

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If its not the speaker or something simple its time to look for a new amp. Unless your gonna get something like a jenson mod for cheap the new speaker money would be better invested toward a new amp.
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by the way , the problem only happens when I put the distortion or tone up a good bit... But it's pretty bad so I think I'll take it into a shop soon... Thanks for the help though!!

Are you sure you want to take it to a tech? With the money you spend paying the tech for repairing it, you could probably buy an entirely new and better amp!
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i just want to say kudos to the people who have posted in this thread. its good to see helpful advice. as soon as i read the original post i was bracing for a tyrade of bandwagon.

naww im proud of ya UG :P