i am 17 and have been playing guitar for several years but recently i have started singing not in front of crowd just by myself and my guitar ( mainly because wouldn't really have the confidence). then i started getting interested in doing covers ( this is not knowing whether i would be any good at it). After doing them for a bit i decided to actually stick at one song and record it and put it on youtube. just getting something out there and getting some feedback was the main idea at the time.

anyways guys if you could check out the youtube link and leave any feedback or advice i would be very grateful. i just want to know of other people if i am even half decent or if am just wasting my time with these recordings aha and even if that is the case i may not stop because music is something which am am really passionate about it helps me through alot of hard times like am sure it does with many of you.

thank you for reading

your singing is pretty good, you shouldn't be embarrassed.
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Pretty good vocals.....not bad at all. You should keep on working on it and definately continue singing. You have much potential and you will improve over time.
Your pitch (or you're ear for it) is good.........there were some spots here and there where I though you drifted a bit, but nothing too bad. Develop your tone and you'll sound great.