Hey UG,
After looking through my local selling paper, I picked out what I thought were pretty good deals for amps:

Laney TF700 with Marshall 2 x 12 speaker cabinet - $450 AUD (approx. $405 USD)
Bugera 6260 2x12 Combo - $500 AUD (approx. $450 USD)

First off, are these good prices for these amps used, and secondly which would be the best deal or which would suit me best. I am currently playing an Epi G-400 and I mostly play Classic to Hard Rock with some blues thrown in.

All comments welcome,
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Bugera, no doubt.

Portability, tone, loudness, very solid amp for a really good price.
What marshall cab are we talking about here, Not a 1922, 0r 1936 cab is it, Because the cabs themselves usually sell for that alone without the amp ...
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It feels a little good inside to be fair, i feel like i rocked to hard that i killed my amp.


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Bugera, but since its used, it could be a pretty bad reliability one.

If a bugera fails it will certainly be within the first few weeks, a used one will most certainly work excellent.
The bugera is also the best choice, get it naoooo