Ok, so I'm new to the whole guitar era and a couple of friends got me into it. Although I had a guitar when I was like 10 I was probably like a lot of people and didn't really have the desire to play it, but now that I'm turning 16 in a couple months I wanted to get into it again. I'm getting a guitar for christmas and just wanted to get off to the right foot by coming to a great guitar forum. Right now I don't have the most knowledge of guitars and before 1 post ago, I didn't even know you could make your own guitar from different parts, I always thought they had to be custom built by a manufacturer. So if there are some very gracious people around this forum that would like to add to my knowledge of guitars in general I would most appreciate it.

I also want to gradually get a great guitar package buy building up an arsenal of pedals, a good case, a guitar stand, strap, and anything else of usefulness, for a intrigued beginner. So if anybody would like to help it would be most appreciated.

Budget - $16/month
Guitar - Waiting till Christmas to find out what kind.
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If your interested in working or possibly building guitars, look for the guitar pack (forget what it's titled) in the central hub. It's got a bunch of great articles and other useful info in it.
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