Ok, so this topic is mostly just venting, but am I the only one that varies a lot in my playing from day to day? Example, yesterday I played Crystal Mountain (Death), and it was probably the best I've ever played it, nearly flawless. Today, I played it and messed up all over the place. It was mostly my right hand messing up, just couldn't seem to get it comfortable today.

Now, yesterday I played for probably 2-3 hours of good practice, then decided to mess around, whereas today, I didn't really feel like practicing so i figured I'd at least pick up the guitar to play some songs and have some fun. I warmed up a little bit, but apparently it wasn't enough. =\
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Obviously the 2-3 hours of warmup is an integral part of playing well. I can attest to this.
I do. But we all have our days. I can go from playing Buckethead and Darkest Hour to barely getting Breaking Benjamin and Sum 41 the next day.
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some days i wonder why i'm not playing live shows 3 or 4 days a week, and other days i wonder why i even bother to pick up a guitar.
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meh, it improves the more you play, I always seem to play good now
but there are days its hard to be creative on new riffs you make up
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some days i wonder why i'm not playing live shows 3 or 4 days a week, and other days i wonder why i even bother to pick up a guitar.

That pretty much sums it up lol
The other day, I came up with a solo that would have gotten me a spot in next year's G3 line up, yet earlier today, I couldn't play it nearly as fast or accuratly as I was. You just get those days.
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