I play different styles of music, mostly metal (the good tech. Kind) jazz, little blues, and did I mention, death metal! I use a 5150 I just want a guitar that outshines my old ibanez s470

I was thinking a PRS SE or Schecter Elite, ESP EC 1000
I'm iffy about the PRS trem
isn't the schecter elite a bass?lol. i would narrow it down to a PRS SE or a esp EC... but i would say, PRS as ESP EC, if it's the one i'm thinking of, has emgs which wouldn't be that good for jazz
Maybe you should look into a Charvel San Dimas............if you like those fast, thin profile necks.
no guitar too the one I'm thinking of has JB Duncan 50's style buckers in it

I was thinking of prs, just don't know about the trem system
The Charvel San Dimas Style 1 has a Duncan JB in the bridge and a Duncan 59' in the neck. It also has a Floyd Rose Trem........... I've owned various Charvels since the mid 1980's........best neck I've ever layed my hands on.

Charvel cut down on the authorized dealers so they are harder to find now days.

I know Sweetwater is an authorized dealer...........