So i've been playing fol a year and a half now, and i thought about getting a new guitar and amp . I know there are thousands of similar posts but i couldn't really find what im looking for. I play everything from blues, classic rock, alternative and grunge ike foo fighters, ac/dc, nirvana, queen, GnR, hendrix, bon jovi, pearl jam, def leppard etc, but no metal . I want something in the price range of 300-600$ for the amp, and i would prefer a tube one. and about 300 for a guitar. Until now what i found was the marshall haze40, but as i see people dont really like it. On the guitar side i was looking at a pacifica 112, cort z44, vintage v100 or an epi lp studio.The only problem is that i'm livin in Eastern Europe, and the music stores here have quite limited stuff, only the bigger brands Thanks for your help, and ff you have any ideas, let me know. Rock on
The Pacifica, Vintage and the Epi are all decent, solid guitars. Obviously it's a good idea to go to your local stores and see what's actually in there to try out, but if their selections are limited, you could safely buy any of those three guitars online without taking much risk; some Epiphones can be very random in quality but the Studio models seem quite consistent and Vintage guitars in particular are really consistent so you could buy one of those online without any worries.

For amps, I have to admit I'm not too familiar with international prices, but maybe something like a Fender Blues Junior or an Orange Tiny Terror combo? The Orange will be a little darker sounding than a typical Marshall, the Fender will be rather brighter. A Peavey Classic 30 would be a good mid-point, around the sort of classic ''British'' tone of the amps used by people like Hendrix and Slash and I think the combo version will be just about in your budget.
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I got a tweed NOS Blues Jr. for about $550. 10x better than a regular Blues Jr. If you can get that, I highly recommend it. Then buy a dist/overdrive pedal good for your musical needs and you're all set!
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Thanks a lot I really like the tiny terror, but i was wondering if i will be able to get that variety, to play anything from green day to led zep. And another amp i was looking at was the vox night train, what do you think about that? At the guitar side, im pretty settled down whit the les pauls, so the v100, the epi studio, or maybe their les paul standard, which i think has the best sound