Ok, so lately I've been curious about using my Nintendo DS's wifi feature, and I need help. So, naturally I come to the pit . I need to know what I need to buy to connect to nintendo wifi, from my home. I also need to know if I'm going to have to pay for a wireless internet service to do it.
it has a built in wifi adapter thingy, you just need to search for a connection.

if you have wireless internet at your house youll dont need to pay
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Got a wireless router? If so, you need nothing else. Otherwise, you need to buy the nintendo wifi usb connector, which is discontinued and the places where you can get it are overpriced. There's also the WifiMax (Made by Datel I think), which also works as a USB solution.
Do you have a wireless router that uses WEP?

All you have to do is get a wifi enabled game, go into the connection settings from the game, and connect to your router through there.

If you don't, I remember that there was a Nintendo Wifi USB Connector, but I heard they are dis-continued.
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So all i have to do is buy a wireless router, and I'm good to go pretty much?

Or you could go to a wifi hotspot every time you want to use your DS online, if your that into it.