Read the description on youtube, please.



I'm looking for constructive criticism or just how you feel about it or if you like it.
IF you're just going to post useless comments keep it to yourself.
There's a fine line between, constructive criticism and retarded flame posts.
Me, I'm looking for constructive criticism.
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When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

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It'd be nice if you could record with some decent equipment. Recording through a camera is not a very good way to go lol. The song itself is pretty cool. Pretty headbangable man. You have some killer chops too! I like some of those sweeps. I also like the little breakdown with the keys, reminds me of BOO. There's nothing particulary bad about the song, it really needs to be a bit longer and recorded properly.


Thanks for the comment man!
I agree recording through a camera is. meh. well horrible. :p
My buddy with all the recording stuff has been busy with his own project so I havent been able to get over to his house and have him help me record. But, it will get done!

Again, thanks for the comment, and I've added a comment to yours!
Quote by B4Dkarma
When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.
Hey no prob man. I really want to hear it properly recorded, sounds killer. Thanks for the crit and best wishes.
Wow really heavy stuff u got there.... It would be better if u use a mic to record ur guitar from the amp.... and the rest I know u use some program.. maybe u can try to record it as well but I doubt it will be in good quality...

about the song... I just love the aggressiveness of the song... keep it up...

crit mine?

Thanks for the input, again I agree. It needs to be recorded better. and I'll post it up again once i get the chance with a better recording.
Thanks again, and i left a comment for you as well!
Quote by B4Dkarma
When you look at a guy and immediately go, "wow, what a douchebag"

that is what girls find attractive.
Nice work there, dont bother too much about the recording. It is imporant to have good gear, but that should come second to how you play your instrument.

And from what ive seen and heard, its really good. It sounded great when you had a good rythm going and it flowed well, until i heard these stops every other 4 seconds or so, its not much but its enough to distrupt the flow.
The small solo flings would have worked better without those pauses.

Other than that, it sounds great and its a real nice style you got there.

Keep it up
This should sound really great with direct recording...I liked that you tried to do a technical song with those synths...they sure add a Born of Osiris vibe...I would recommend you to get the drumming program "EZDrummer"...you only have to export the midi that you did in Guitar Pro and then opening it with that software, it sounds great...

plz, C4C! i think you'll really like this song
Some really cool riffs in there. You are a great player, I liked the quicker licks you threw in. My only crit was that the stop start stuff was a bit off putting at times. It sounded good the fiirst couple of time but then it kind of held the song back from exploding early enough. Overall though, I thought it was great

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