i need to know because my brother is getting me one for christmas,and iwant to post some guitar vids on youtube.anyone know if the pixel speed is high and how many pixels exactly?i looked it up and it doesn'[t say...
I would imagine the picture quality isn't great. Certianly no better than a cellphone. And if you want to post videos, you'll have to worry about audio as well.
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Why don't you try googling it?
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it's decent. it's not HD, of course, but the colors look nice and not very distorted, and the audio is decent.
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it's alright, better than mobile phone footage but still lacking.
depends on what you're filming. dont take it anywhere near a dark or loud place, and it'll be fine,
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it's alright, better than mobile phone footage but still lacking.

i tried taking videos with my old mobil verizon phone,and the quality was almost unwatchable,just sooo blurred,i'm wondering if the nano he's getting me is better in terms of clarity...