no you can get them anywhere as long as you have some gain, you can get them whenever, it's just that more gain makes it more audible sometimes
It depends more on what kind of distortion you're using.

(valve amps) If you use the power valves for distortion then yes lower volumes would make it harder, But if you're using pre-amp distortion then it shouldn't be too much of a difference.

(transistor) Only has pre-amp gain, so it shouldn't matter

So if ur using ur power amp in a valve amp, u may want buy a smaller valve or a tranny amp for practice?

Hope that clears it up a little.
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Actually you can get a PH anywhere using any gain on any guitar, including an acoustic. Amps and gain let you hear them clearer, but the PH are always there no matter what the gain. Also you get different harmonics depending where you pinch the string, ie. closer to the neck or the bridge.

Volume does'nt really matter except if its valve state, Gain and tone is the key.
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Well, that channel is more of a drive. You'd probably get better pinch harmonics on the 9th and 13th channels. Although, you should be able to pinch harmonic anywhere with any effect, it's just easier to hear with more distortion and gain.
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try hitting it on the 10th on the b? sometimes its easier to nail em when they are more in the middle of the fret board. high up and u dont get as much punch, and really low (1st frets) its hard to vibrato. the 14th on the g isnt the only place where that note is on the whole guitar...
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My favorite is 3rd fret 6th string while in drop D or C
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Honestly, it has never made a difference that I've noticed. I've got them to sound good on acoustic guitars and on unplugged electrics. Of course, they sound WAY better with some distortion, but I don't think volume has much to do with it.