I'm thinking about learning French next year, does anyone in the Pit speak the language? Is it hard, easy, challenging, etc?

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I speak it alright. It's not too hard, there are just a lot of tenses. You can pretty much convert from English once you get the grammar down.
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Anyway, translating from English to French and vice versa isn't actually simple. If you know another romance language like Spanish then you won't have any problems.
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Learning it independently at the moment, and having previously done it at school, it's not too bad. As the person above said though, there are plenty of tenses that confuse the hell out of me.
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J'aime le Pit!...well the language is somewhat easy, there are many words that are the same in English.
Their words have a lot of silent letters but it's kinda normal, challenging but not hard, it's just mostly converting spanish and english though
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I'm learning it right now. The hardest part, besides vocabulary (which isn't all that difficult), is the pronunciation. Just remember that the rule of thumb is to never pronounce the last consonant sound of a word unless the word after starts with a vowel or "h."

The language itself isn't all that difficult though. Language structure and such is like halfway between Spanish and English, so it's relatively natural.
J'aime bien les ours! I've been studying it for a good 6 or 7 years, I really like it. I've never found it too challenging but I've never taken another language so I can't compare it with anything. In addition to French I'm going to take German next year, that sounds like a rough language to learn.
Im bilingual, Dad perfect bilingual and mom french, so i grew up with both languages... its easy language, but the verbs can be very annoying
I know enough French to sing some MegaDave tunes like A TOUT LE MONDE A TOUT MES AMIS JE VOUS AIME JE DOIS PARTIR
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if you can remember the term "i surrender" and "nazi's! run!" you should be about right for the french language......
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unless its some expression i dont know...

but yeah, ive been taking it for 11 years now. not that bad compared to, say, japanese, where you have to learn a whole other script. and the whole fighting off giant ninja dinosaurs thing would just make it harder.
"C'est le pied" is an expression, it means "it's great".

Anyway, yeah, French isn't too difficult. I'd say it's slightly more challenging than Spanish, but certainly much less than Japanese or Chinese. You can easily learn enough vocabulary to have a decent conversation, there are a lot of stupid grammar rules and exceptions though. The biggest difficulty for an English-speaker is probably the pronunciation.

You'll find there are a lot of words in common with English, by the way. It is largely due to the reign of William the Conqueror, Duke of Normandy who was king of England from 1066 to 1087. He brought the French-Norman culture to England and made significant changes to the English language, which only had Germanic roots originally. Now about 40% of the words in the English vocabulary are of Roman and French origins.

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I learned it for 3 years at school, but only like 1 hour every week. Once you get the tenses down and words genders then you should be alright. Those were the two things that confused me the most. Sometimes the gender of an object seems pretty random too but if you can remember them then you should be fine.
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i need to learn French! (hopefully) i will be living in France next year. i'm already fluent in English & Spanish so i hope it won't be too hard.
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French isn't terribly difficult for English speakers. About 1/3 of English comes from French.
I really enjoyed taking French courses. If Russian wasn't so damn cool, I'd still be studying French.
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Might as well get started now to be honest. It's like Rosetta stone, but without the ridiculous price tag. You can register a premium account, but you can still do A LOT without one. So really, you get pretty much what Rosetta stone offers, but for free, and with a community of some kind to help you out.

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I wish I had learnt french when I had the opportunity because now that I don't, I think I'd really enjoy learning it.
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I read French for about 5 years in school, and it was pretty hard.
It's not that difficult to start, but after a few years when you get to all irregular verbs, it's pretty damn hard. No logic, just memorization.