To let you know where I am, I've been playing bass for about 5 years and got an electric bass 3 years ago.

I really want a new amp (preferably for gigging and practice)
Budget is about $300.
Would like to be able to get very clean tones for jazz and then be able to "pump it up" a little bit for rock.

Also could someone help me out and explain the complete tonal differences between an amp that's like one unit and the amps that are speakers and heads. I've gotten some extremely clean, beautiful tones out of a speaker and head at a friends house.
EDIT: I would also like some good brand names, just things to look into.
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For gigging situations, I'd say try and extend your budget by $100 or so and look at an Acoustic B200, its generally recommended to have about 200-300W if your gigging, although you can get away with a bit less if your amp is mic'd. If you can wait a few months, Peavey is coming out with the new TKO combo thats 400W of sexilicous amp goodness, and costs $350+tax.
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I'm gonna say Ashdown like I normally do. You can't really go wrong with Ashdown.

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