I have a question, and I think you all might advise against, but I need to be sure.

I was looking at this guitar: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Sterling-by-Music-Man-JP50-Electric-Guitar-105614069-i1443096.gc

And after doing TONS of research, I haven't found anything that could potentially be more perfect for me. Now here is my question: Not a single person or store near me has this guitar. And I was wondering if I should buy it without trying? I know it sounds stupid but here me out. Out of the past 2-3 times I've been to GC, I've noticed one consistent thing: necks don't affect me too much. I mean, if it's too thick it will, but I read the dimensions are similar to a wizard-II.

I mean, I just flat out love the guitar (or at least what I think it is). It seems so unique. And I know I won't be upset with the sound as my Spider III makes everything sound the same, and I actually love the sound (for what I need it for). And when I was at guitar center, there was nothing that was like "OMG I NEED THIS" as everything was generally the same for me. But the JP50 has a tremolo that is pushed and pulled, and it has locking tuners!

tl;dr: After much research, I have found that this guitar has everything I'm looking for, but I can't try it. Should I buy without trying?
You may be able to have them special-order it for you. Call them up and ask
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i vote yes, but from somewhere with an easy return policy and minimal "restocking fee." or u could find somewhere close that will order it without or the lowest possible deposit on it.
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Well I just bought my SG without trying in store because they didn't have one and I'm happy with it. Remember Guitar Center has that promotion til' January 31st to return with no questions asked so go for it. Worst outcome, return it and buy another one in store.
So if I order it online, I can return it at the store, instead paying and going through the hassle of sending it back? In that case, this thread may just be closed.

But I do have one more quick question. How much do Special Orders usually cost?