I have a 7-string Guitar but instead of adding an extra low string, I added an extra high string. I like to play in "C G C F A D G", which makes the high G string perfectly in tune with the rest of the guitar. I want to go into standard with it though. Although "E A D G B E G" doesn't sound bad, I want to tune the High G string even higher, so I can reach notes normally only accessible on a piano. Just getting it to an A would work for me, although I would like A# more. I do not want to risk breaking my string. I was wondering if anyone has tuned their 1st string up to an A or A# and has experience with this.

The gauges are .09 .11 .14 .18p .28 .38 .48
These are heavier strings as I like to play in Dropped tunings. The "0 string" as I'll refer to it is really a thin 1st string. I do have an extra one which is a .08 but I'd rather not have to use it just yet.

So I guess what I'm asking is, is it possible to tune a 1st string to an A or A# with the proper gauge?

And also, on the .18p, what does the "p" mean, if anything?
if the 9's break before hitting the A then you could try using 8's...other than that I'd be weary about trying to bend it. Sounds like it could be painful...A would be more in tune than A#

Oh and the P stands for plain instead of wound.
Thank you. I forgot to mention, I have a floating floyd rose, so tuning is a bit scarier. D'x
It's quite possible. Steve Vai, who brought the 7-string into the rock idiom, actually first used them with a high A string instead of a low B. However, he found that he didn't like that as much because the strings tend to sound very tinny and break very easily. (And let's face it, that low string is fun to riff on!)
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