I wrote this song earlier today, it's pretty straight forward nothing amazing. The solo at the end was recorded pretty quickly so it's not particularly good quality but it's a bodgy solo anyway, I'm more of a rhythm man


You can check out the lyrics here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=22582125#post22582125

It's recorded with vocals in mind so some bits may get a bit boring/stretched out. Thanks!
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That was good. I like the way it picked up at the end and flowed back into the intro riff. I'd add maybe a second guitar or something to the first half just to make it a bit more dynamic, because even with vocals that riff would still be a little repetitive for as many measures you have it going for.

crit my song?
it's vaguely in the same genre as yours:

Thanks for the comments guys. I'm going to try and add some extra guitar to make it a bit more dynamic as you mentioned, Alex.
I've added some GarageBand bass for the moment until I get my real bass soon and I think I might re-do a few parts and re-record it. I'll upload it here when I'm done. Thanks again!