So, in short, I went out and bought an Ibanez Soundtank TS5 tonight as a holiday gift for myself. I'm saving for a computer that actually records decently rather than a computer that sounds like what it is(Budget business laptop), so I want to avoid spending money, but should I continue and buy the wah and noisegate I've been looking at? The noisegate I can probably do without and my wah, while not great, I've heard people getting rather good tones from after figuring out where the niche of it's sweep is, but both would make things much easier. I feel like I shouldn't need to ask this all things considered, but what does UG think?

Edit; A Sennheiser e609 as well, I've been looking for a good dynamic mic.

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if your just interested in recording atm and not gigging, save up, get a apple mac pro and protools, there are loads of effects and gates built in.......wouldn`t of even bothered with the soundtank but interms of a wah pedal definatly need one of them underfoot as most auto wah suck.

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