I arranged My Immortal by Evanescence for fingerstyle guitar (the band's acoustic version is only strummed chords) and recorded it with Chloe Wong as the singer. You can watch it on Youtube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abuSn11p3nI

More videos of myself and my students can be seen at: http://www.youtube.com/user/MichaelMurrayGuitar or on my website at http://www.michaelmurrayguitar.com/Videos.htm
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She needs serious work on her breath control. But she did a damn good job on a very difficult song.

Good arrangement on the guitar too.
Thanks for the nice comments. Chloe is actually a guitar student of mine but we discovered that she has a beautiful voice as well. I have suggested she should take voice lessons and I think this song has convinced her to do so as she wasn't entirely happy with parts of her performance. On the other hand I have yet to hear any covers of it on Youtube where the singer sings it nearly as good as she does (this song has probably some of the worst covers on Youtube quality wise probably because it is a lot harder than most pop songs). I think if she learns to support her voice better and proper breathing technique she could sing it a lot better than she does now. Maybe we will record it again after she has some vocal training. She definitely needs to get some voice lessons because one shouldn't waste a voice like that!
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thats awesome man could not be better
Oh and sum tabs would be awesome

and if your not to busy think you could check out my cover of
kiss me by sixpence none the richer


and again great cover
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