i have an ibanez 7 string RG7321 and it's been going out of tune for awhile. it got so bad i was tuning my guitar in between songs when playing live/ practicing. i went out and bought new strings and i'm not having that problem anymore-- strings stay tuned properly. when i chord or single note it doesn't sound tuned at all so thats when i knew it was intonation for sure. i did the whole harmonic 12th fret/ press 12th fret down and everything is flat. i tried to fix it and pull the saddles forward but the notes just don't want to stop being flat..

does anyone know what to do or what it could be? i don't really have time or the money to bring it to a shop.
you need to intonate the harmonic to the fretted note......lots of peeps get it the wrong way round. (i.e the harmonic will be out not the fretted note)

and make sure the string in accuratly tuned before starting.