so im in this band and have been for a while, and we have a little bit of stuff written. here's the thing though: in not too long, in 2 or 3 weeks, ill be finding out if im moving to california. and theres a good chance i will. if i do, ill obviously have to quit my band.

now heres the problem - usually in my band, the guitarists write their stuff then the bassist then the drummer, and vocals are last.
they have like 6 songs written that i need to put vocals over.
im an extremely dedicated band member, but i dont wanna put work into these songs and then find out im moving, and then they get to keep my lyrics for themselves.
so what do i do?
You talk it over with them and hopefully come to an agreement that if you leave, you take your lyrics with you. Simple as that. You wrote it, therefore you take it, right?
Also, if things were to get serious with this band, you could make royalties off the lyrics and ask them to credit you in the album information
So, you are main guitarist, songwriter and singer? Morally the songs are yours as the others only contributed their parts in the band arrangements. I suspect you feel pretty bad about leaving them without your core input but want to take the songs to whatever you do after your move.
If, as I suspect, you are on good, friendly terms with them, why not sit them down and explain the problem and let them work out the best solution? They may ask that they use some songs with writing credit to you (my bands never did, they just stole them) which would be an amicable arrangement unless you want them exclusively to yourself. That could be taken as a bit of a slap in the face as it would mean the work they put in was wasted.
Think about what you want and then discuss it with them is the best advice I can give you.
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meh. all they have from me is a bit of lyrics. not TOO much i guess, but definitely my favorite lyrics that id want to use in my next band.
No matter where you are in the world, those lyrics are yours.

Same thing as when, say, Brian Adams gets together with Jim Vallance. Jim Vallance doesn't gig with Brian Adams. He just contributes to the songs. They're part his. Significantly part his. He is, then, entitled to a proportion of the royalties from those songs.

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