Hey guys!
I borrowed my cousins guitar a while a ago, i usually play bass and i have an acoustic that i play alot on. I thought i'd try playing some solos that really beat me up on the acoustic, so i do.
Very happy with the bends i can do. Then i play chords, which sound out of tune. Then i check the tuning it is off, i fix it and start playing again. its off again. I figured id check it again since the guitar got new strings last week. I tune it again and it was fine. I figure my intonations the problem. I fix it and everything seems normal. but AGAIN chords and solos sound out of tune.
I thought i was just pushing the strings too hard because i'm used to my acoustic.

The guitar is a fender copy of a strat modded with a floyd rose.

Whats the problem? Me, or the guitar?
If it's a floyd-rose on it, as you say, i bet it's because of that. My experience with FR is that it takes time to master it and it will easily go out of tune, especially when you are tinkering with the tuning and things like that. So, it is probably the guitar.

Remember, this is just my opinion on FR-trems.

Good luck!
when you do massive bends especially with floyd roses 2 things happen, the floyd rose starts to work by lowereing and raising the strings and it goes horribly out of tune, if you use a guitar with a floyd rose and do alot of bend, and do not use the floyd rose just block it off with a piece of wood
When you first use a guitar with a FR it will take about 20 mins to get it in tune. You have to keep going back and re-checking until all the strings are correct at the same time. Doing a bend causes extra tension on that string which pulls the springs more and de-tunes the others. That should come back when you finish the bend.
Then there is the fun you can have with intonation. If that is out you have to set it first and then start the tuning process all over again.
With experience (I've used locking trems for 25 years) you get a feel for how far out to tune each string so that it comes close when the others are in tune too.
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Did you take the locks off when you tuned it?
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