Firstly thanks for taking the time to read this.

Ok what we are looking for, we are a band looking for a singer, and hopefully not just any singer too. We are a band in our mid 20's to late 20's and have stuff online ( www.myspace.com/poeticlicence ) would also love a demo or some online stuff with your email (so we can hear how you sound too)

The singer we are looking for, well we have a 2nd vocalist who is very tuneful and would compliment a good frontman etc, so looking for a frontman with that bit of an edge to them, a front man who can spit the songs out and sing the songs with a strong passion. Someone to really carry the songs through and compliment what we already have.

Type of frontmen, Liam Gallagher, Kelly Jones, Noddy Holder, Marc Bolan etc. (we don't mean sound alike here, but atleast you get the passion and style we are looking for) with all these they could rock and push a song with there vocals. They could rock too

Anyway, we are a serious band and want to do something with our music. We are open minded to new songs being introduced etc, but we do have a current sound and do not want to stray too far from this (Indie/Rock sound)

We are also semi looking for bass player, so should any of those stumble across this page, give us a shout.

Hope to hear from you soon

Chris ( cjdyson9@hotmail.com )
Chris, just sitting, watching the game avin a bud
I'm kinda interested but I'm probably too young and not what you guys really want. =\ I'm 16 and I'm about half an hour from Dublin. =)