Hey folks.

I have an elcetro acoustic guitar and it has recently started to sound quite tinny on the 6th string around the 13th fret area when playing tab notes around there.

Has not happened before but it kills the tune when you hit a note that is dead even when your finger is truly pressed down!

Can anyone suggest what may be wrong?! Is it just needing new strings or perhaps something wrong with the bridge area...as in height difference or..need help with this one!!

ANy help much appreciated.
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You should not mess with the truss rod to adjust action.

But you should mess with it when the bowing of the neck has changed (thus affecting action at particular points along the neck), which is far more common than the saddle spontaneously falling out of wack. It doesn't affect the string height very much so close to the body of the guitar, but it's worth checking.

It could also be a popped up fret or something similar. You best investigate a little more closely TS. Does it only buzz on 1 fret, or is it worst on one, but noticeable on others? Have you checked the neck relief? Did you damage the guitar recently?
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Sight down the length of the neck on the fretboard side from the headstock down to the soundhole. If there's a hump or raised area in the vicinity of the 13th fret which extends across the width of the fretboard in that area, you could have a fairly common thing happening with lower end guitars. The neck tends to have a slight bend to it right in the area where it meets with the body of the guitar. I've seen it many times, and my own Alvarez has it slightly. There really isn't anything much that can be done with it if this is the case apart from a neck reset.
You should also check your fretboard relief, but I doubt that's the issue since the problem is occurring that high up on the scale. High frets could also be the problem. A straight edge laid lengthwise along the entire fretboard would find these. If you have any, you could try tapping them back down to seat them fully.
Without actually seeing the guitar and playing it, it's pretty hard to diagnose this sort of thing online.
Right..loads of suggestions there...thank you very much for all of them.

I am not too sure on how to sort it myself as i am quite new to guitars so i am thinking it will indeed be a trip to a good music store.

Tried the flat surface against the fretboard and it doesn't seem off course but maybe i am missing something an experienced eye wouldn't.

Assistance very much appreciated folks. Thank you!!