So im looking for my first amp from the little 10 watt amp that came with the starter pack. I liked the sound of the peavey valveking 112 when i tryed it out and im thinking about getting it. Im going out to guitar center tommarow after school to make sure make sure thats what i want but i was wondering if there were any other amps i should try before i buy anything.
Of course, there's lots of amps in the price range you COULD try out. If you like the Valveking (Like actually like it, not liking the idea of having an amp) then by all means buy it. It would help to know what you play but in the same price range here's what you can check out.

Classic Rock/Mid gain:
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Peavey Classic 20 (Killer)
Orange Tiny Terror/Dual Terror
Crate VC-30
Marshall JTM-30
LiteIIB Marshall clones
Vox Night Train
Peavey Valveking (w/boost)
Randall RG50TC
Krank Rev Jr. 50
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Peavey 5150/6505
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Try out lower wattage tube amps.

Blackstar HT-5
Blackheart Little Giant
Vox Night Train
Orange Tiny Terror

People could help you better if you tell us your budget, music styles and stuff.
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I like to play rock, metal and some country stuff and i wouldnt be able to spend over about 450$.