I'm new here so first of all I'd like to say 'Hello Everyone'

And as I said - I need some help. I just bought new amp - Line 6 Spider IV 75W and I have to say its best amp ever! It was worth its price!... But I'm still missing a guitar - mine is worth around $100 so you can guess how bad it sounds

I'm seeking for something that sounds similiar to bands like Three Days Grace or Avenged Sevenfold. I thought of Gibsons but I wanna something cheaper than... $1000, I guess its enough for guitar, so... Last guitar I checked was Synyster Gates Schecter Custom and its amazing but I think its a bit strange to perform with someones name on your guitar neck.
I'd like to notice too that I'm not kind of guy that likes B.C. Riches or Standard shapes. I want something unique, but nothing sharp nor normal
So - $1000 or less guitar, with heavy sound, with kind of changed shape

Any ideas?

Thanks anyway!
Best Regards!
wrong forum
try eletric guitar
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Providing its comfortable and a joy to play, why is shape so imprtant?
No pointies Does that rule out super strats?
Not Normal So no Strats, Teles, Les Pauls or SGs
No weirdo BC Rich types. That I can understand
That kinda leaves us with Explorers and Vs but not the modern Vs as they are pointy.

And I'll assume you want it to sound good through a Spider 4?

Have fun searching. I have no clue except possibly a Burns Brian May Red Special or something from Westfield but they are not for any kind of metal.

Oh wait. I have it. Get an SG (real one) and a saw.
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its all about the pick ups man. put some actives in ur 100 dollar guitar and it will scream. i dont care what anyone tells u. i got a jockson for 80 bucks at a pawn shop spent another 200 for active emg's and the thing sounds awsome. if u got a short budget try Ibanez, scecter, jackson, orr even esp. between 500-700 dollars u should be able to find what ur lookin for. after all i only paid like 500 for my jackson RRV brand new. look on musiciansfreind.com to check prices. and the man makes the guitar the guitar dosnt make the man. the guitarist for the minibosses plays a modded Squire.

OP: Sorry to say it, but if your going to play a $1000 through that Spider you should kick yourself in the face. I know it's hard to do, but it's more useful that playing an expensive guitar through a shit amp.

No offence, but not matter how much you like your amp now, it's not a really good amp. You should have cut your total budget in half and buy a decent amp and a decent guitar.

But yeah, in the Electric Guitar forum you should get more and better responses than here. The only people around GG&A are gonna bitch about your amp