My question is could i use something like the Peavey 6505 with any 1x12 cab w/ one v30. Also could i use something like the orange tiny terror, blackstar ht 5w or vox night train with a 4x12 cab (Marshall 1960av or mesa boogie rectifier 4x12). Finally can you plug the Peavey 6505 into only half of the Marshall 1960av or mesa boogie recitifer and get a 2x12?

Okay golden rule for cabs and heads.

Match the ohm rating and make sure the power of the cabinet is over or at least matches the power handling of your amp.
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The first one - no. One V30 can't handle the 120W, especially not if you're really cranking it. There are high-wattage speakers out there but the V30 definitely won't do it.

You can certainly use a smaller amp through a 4x12. That's been done plenty of times here on the forum with good results.

Finally, I believe that if you plug one cable from the head into one of the stereo jacks on a 4x12, you can use half of the cab. I'm not 100% sure so I'll let someone else chime in. As long as the wattage is okay (which it should be, I'm using 2 V30s for a total of 120W), you should be good to go.
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