K so this is one of my first songs..

Yes it is repititive..
I know but i cant help it because i've bin playin for no more than 1 and a half year and never took a damn lesson..

There wasn exactly a song structure in my mind.. Also, please excuse my terrible drums but i jus had to put the stuff like it.. I personally like my drums, but people have told me they suck so i am not sure how u'll guys like it..
Thanks for checkin it out and pass me urs il check it out too..

Good day!
junaid 4.gp5
mmm... not of my likes but still i think it's pretty creative, but i think the rythm guitar gets anoying after a while, and the drums are trying to be too epic, besides that great
Hmm, Between bars 46-48 the stabbed chords sound a little out of key for my liking.

Pretty good structure and all, just that tiny little comment and also ofc, as you said the repetition.

IMHO I woulda used chords other than Emin and all the Power chords, but that's just me .

So a bit more variation, maybe a more interesting bassline and there ya go really.

oh, and i LIKED the drums, no matter how hyperbolic they were to the song