What is good or bad about the pedal
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Peavy 25w
Boss OS-2
Dunlop Crybaby
Boss BF-3
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Good: Sounds pretty decent, flexible

Bad: Overpriced, it's just a Cry Baby 535Q with a lame 'Dime' paintjob, for an extra £40

Unless you're one of these Dimebag uberfans who buys every contrived and unnecessary piece of 'signature' gear with the poor guy's name on it, just get the 535Q. Buy the pedal, not the marketing.
The price difference in the US aint too bad. Ordering from tone factor it's like £110 for the dime wah and £100 for the 535q.

Doesnt the dime wah have an extended sweep over the 535q? And I dont think the 535qs have a pot for adjusting the boost volume either. Not sure though... i plan on buying one, or the 535q, because i need something versatile, handles more gain than my vox, more vocal and that doesn't cost a bomb and sounds good.

Cons are of course that the camo paint job is pretty gay, but i suppose you could just be all "BUT DIME USED ONE" and then melt peoples faces.
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I thought he designed it in conjuction with dunlop?

I'm pretty sure he did use it at some point. But i'm not enough of a dime fangirl to be certain.