Hey Guys,

Me and my mate thaught it would be fun to form a pirate folk band, and it began as a joke but we soon had 6 songs (In fact we've done another 7)

Dont expect anything amazing, just take it for what it is, just a laugh .

Track List

1. The Price We Pay - An Emotive song outlining the price pirates pay for their line of work.

2. A Dream - First song we made, just began as a laugh Pretty nifty solo though.

3. Unstopable - Jumpy dancy song, about the conquest of pirate, set to pillage a ship full of boxes of call of duty.

4. Dead John - The Story of an old man by the name of Dead John, its a very engaging tale.

5. Dark Times - Second song, about the problems pirates face, when theres no ships to plunder.

6. Dead World At Midnight - The Last Song, consisting of the dialogue of a captain to his crew as his ship sinks, bring the EP to a close.

Hope You Like.


Me - Guitars, Occasional Vox.
My Mate (Fiddster is his account name) - Vox, Speech.

For some reason the guitar sounds spanish, I dont know why :| Oh Well.


Ultrasonic + Fiddster

Download Link