A few weeks ago, I asked about the DigiTech DF-7, and decided against going out trying it and maybe buying it because just about no one seemed able to find anything good about it.
I own a DS-1 right now, and I play a Squier Deluxe Stratocaster through a Roland 20X amplifier.
The DS-1 is great, I like it a lot, but somehow I've never been able to get that particularly gritty, high-gain distortion out of it, which I think you're not supposed to get out of it, that lack of noisy distortion being part of the point of the DS-1 pedal. I don't regret having purchased it, but I do feel I need to get something with a wider range of distortion, not only the light distortion the DS-1 can easily get me, but also something grittier, maybe heavier but not really metal... Think bands like Bush, Live and maybe Foo Fighters.
Thus I was considering the DF-7, before being informed that it was useless.

So now I'd like to ask you all what pedals I should be considering.
Out of the little research I've done, the DS-2 sounds interesting, sounds like it has the DS-1 inside it AND more to it.
If someone could recommend me a pedal by Boss, that would be the best, but any pedal you think you would suggest for my needs is one I'd like to research on and try out.
Additionally, how is the Boss Overdrive/Distortion pedal? OS-2 or smth I believe... Is it actually softer than the DS-1, or can it get heavier?
thanks in advance!
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There really isn't a good Boss pedal for gritty stuff. Try out a fuzz pedal. I like the Big Muff Pi for gritty/grungey stuff.
Fuzzes tend to work somewhat okay depending on the setting. I couldn't get my AD30VT to take my Dirty Bomb at all though, and that's meant to take pedals well. I wonder if the Vypyrs would be better.