Okay so at the minute I'm recording through my Spider III 15 Amp, and needless to say, it sounds horrible. Not just because of the amp. When it goes from the 'Phones/Record out' into the microphone jack of my computer, whatever program I run it on, it sounds horrible. There's probably a good reason for that, and if the explanation's short, please tell me. If not, I don't want to know.

My question: Will a Pod 2.0 work fine? Is it the amp that doesn't sound good, or my computers sound card or something? (I have no idea how it all works so I could be asking a stupid question - sorry) And are there any alternatives to a Pod 2.0 (of a similar price) that you would recommend?

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The Pod will solve your problem, What is your budget? You can also look for some others Line6 MFX with an usb out so you can connect it to your pc without latency and buzz.
The Spider III amp is really bad and digital, that's why you don't like it
You might also want to look into the Boss Me 20/50/70, they're pretty good for recording.

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i would possibly say both spider 3 = pos and putting it straight into a microphone jack will have interfence and white noise, if your going to put the pod straight into the microphone jack aswell then the same will happen i wold recommend getting either the pod + this or you cold have a look at sometthing like the zoom g2.1u which has the usb built in and iv seen a few companies selling it with cubase
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