Here is a new song I have written. I'm trying to get away from the generic metal I tend to write and carve my own style. It's getting there I think.

I used gearbox for all of my guitar stuff, drumkit from hell and sylenth 1 for the synth stuff.

Anyway, what do you think?

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/face_the_fear/ or click on my name (Look for 'The forgotten future')

The overall sound and ambience is very good but the sound of the drums is just destroying everything. What are you using for your drums? Really, everything else is way awesome but the drums are horrible.

Edit: Just have seen you use drumkit from hell. Try Battery 3.
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Cool song man, the guitar rocks!
But really not so keen on the synth, the constant change of pitch doesn't match the style if you ask me. The solo was awesome, fitted perfectly in!
It would sound better if you scratch all the synth and focus on the drums, guitar and lead guitar, thats where it sounds like your talents lie.
Great song man! Nice riffs...the synths in the beginning and in the chorus are very good...not sure about that solo part of the synths though.

The song has an In Flames vibe, I would say this is some kind of melodic death metal song, right?
Drumkit From hell is an excellent choice...I've been using it for quite some time now...but you could improve the quality a bit...I'd recommend you to set the velocity levels to full high...just a hint

Thanks for your comments!

I think i'm going to go back to this song and sort out the drum sound. I agree they do kind of suck looking back at it.
Damn, great.
Although the drums sound a bit weak and electronic, but this has been pointed out before. I Like your riffs and the solo fitted in nicely. What you did with the synths was cool as well, quite original. Really, I liked it.
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