My guitar has only been in Eb tuning or lower with 11-54 gauge strings, ernie Ball beefy slinky. Yesterday I tried to get in standard tuning and my high E string snapped(I was also tuning up very slowly).

I have been told that heavy gauge strings can stand more tension but they will only feel tighter, is that really true? I have stretched my strings when restringing, and everything to prevent them from snapping..
my friend uses 11s in standard and i hate playing his guitar cause the string tension is so high

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I once used 12-64 custom strings for playing in drop b and playing in standard e was really a pain in the ass. It's really hard to play the lowest string and barré playing is nearly impossible near the first fret. Only good for drop tunings unless you want to hurt your hand seriously.

Edit: But the sustain you get through that is pure awesomeness
I use 11-54 all the time in Standard tuning, I dont find any problems, If you play em long enough you build up more strength so you dont notice the tension.
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tbh .11's should only feel like 10's if the guitar is set up right. quite often people put on lower gauge strings when if they had their guitar set up properly the could have higher gauge strings.

if you have a tuneomatic bridge + stop tailpiece then you can wrap the strings over the tail piece (billy gibbons/jimmy page style) to remove a lot of tension
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i play in standard with .12-.56's occasionally, it's possible (at least for me, I've never broken a string doing it) but it isn't fun at all, the strings are so tight you can hardly bend at all or anything, slows the neck down, everything

get ernie ball light top heavy bottom's .10 - .54 means your high strings will be fine in standard and will feel better soloing but youll still have the heaviness of thick strings
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.11/.12s in standard ftw.

Been doing it for a couple years now. Love it. Beefy, and the strings bite back. I have heavy hands, so big strings are a big plus for me.

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