Hey guyz

Back here again, asking for a help. I need a guitar - I can spend 1000$ - no more. And wondering what to do with it? Should I buy something cheap, and then change it by myself, or buy already a good guitar?

I've been thinking of something that will have similiar sound to bands like Three Days Grace or Avenged Sevenfold. And well - something with shape different than V's or B.C. Rich, it'd be better if a guitar didn't have someones first letters of the name on the neck :P Cuz yeah, I've been wondering about Synyster Gates Schecter Custom - its some kind of what Im looking for, but I don't feel like playing on this guitar somehow... I know that look doesn't matter but, whatever :P

Any ideas?

Thank ya
Get a one of the many varieties of Schecter C-1's with a floyd rose
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schecter c-1 elite black
kick ass guitar dude only 500-600 bucks to so u can get ur self a decent amp
if not u cud find a cheap gibson les paul?
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Quote by sk8blind4life8
if not u cud find a cheap gibson les paul?

Is there such a thing?

Seriously, go with the Schecter. Played one at a store a while back and they are friggin sweet.....just a tad too much at the time though.
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get yourself a cort evl k6, it has EMG 81/85 pickups, the same that zakk wylde or kirk hammet and many others use, and you shoul be able to find it for less that 1000 $ .I have one myself and it is perfect.
Yeah, Robert. Spot on. You didn't mention the Mahogany body, Ebony Fretboard or the other little touches that are not all for show.
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I love Ibanez...great necks and bodies if you shred. Schecters are underrated in my opinion...and the fretboard inlays are so gorgeous. A guitar with floyd rose is always a good investment, just be prepared for the retuning techniques and time it takes to do so. If you change tunings a lot...floyd can be a bit of a hastle. Always always always try before you buy. You should never buy a guitar you havent played, you wont know if it suits you right.

Yay, Maybe Ibanezes are good, but hell, they sound more... err... too metallic... Dont know how to say it I think Schecters are pretty good -
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeLfWSnC60o here is an example of what Im seeking for...

But well what about omen 6 or omen 7?

And my amp is Line 6 Spider IV 75W, ain't it any good? :P I thought it was kinda good but every1 critized it so bad So what would be best amp+guitar to get that sound, like the sound in the link?

I reccomend the Vypyr tube to people who like different styles of music but nothing still beats just goin to the store and trying the amps yourself. Also look used yesterday I went in to guitar center to get a bugera 6262 came out with a 6505 used for less than the bugera. Never know what you will find.
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Personally, unless you're experienced at customizing, I just get an already good guitar, unless you plan on getting something similar to a Strat or Tele. Those guitars were designed so that customization is easy. I've put a lot of work in on my Strat, but I wouldn't think of doing the same with say a Les Paul or something other than changing the pickups.