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What were your all first songs you learned? Mine was Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. The first song with an actual solo was Detroit Rock City by Kiss
For whom the bell tolls

and the Searchbar song. I won't belive you, if you said that there was no thread on this already :P
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sunshine of your love and smoke on the water
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hmm, I do believe it was jingle bells xD
then the rhythm for For Whom and Smoke on the water
Leaving on a Jet plane chords.
Then Brown Eyed girl.
Then House of the rising sun.
What about your first solos?
mine was Californication by RHCP, then Paranoid by Black Sabbath
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Smoke on the water, but of course i only learned the opening riff.
The first song i learned all the way through was Salvation by Rancid.
Country Girl - Black Sabbath
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I started out playing bass

The first song I learned all the way through: Dazed and Confused
Dissonance is Bliss

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Theres like thousands of these threads.

But for me it was Damn It by Blink 182....just because that was the first song my guitar teacher gave me
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Yeah pretty sure there's already a few threads

I honestly can never remember the first song learned

Think it was Moment by Aiden on Bass
Then most of The End Of Heartache by KSE or Paramore Misery Business both on guitar
And with a solo hmm........I have no clue The river I believe
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I do believe it was Fallen Leaves by Billy Talent.
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First song - Give It All by Rise Against (not hard but I've forgotten it)
First "proper" solo - Satellites and Astronauts by In Flames
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I have yet to learn a song all the way through I think. I've learnt whole rhythm parts to songs, but never the whole thing with all the riffs, solos and fills.
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First song I actually learnt all the way through was hitchin' a ride by Green day.

First bit of a song i learnt was the you really got me riff.
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I think it was master of puppets, I already knew how to play guitar, but it was acoustic, so when I first bought an electric guitar, I tried a song by System of a Down, but I didn't know how to read tabs properly, so I asked a friend; and when I understood tabs, instead of trying the SOAD song, I went with master of puppets. Obviously, it took me a while, but I got the whole intro and verse. I used to only down-pick at that time (I didn't know how to alternate-pick haha) and I used to do it fairly well (for a beginner), but then I learned to do alternate-picking and all my down-picking power disappeared. It only came back after trying very hard like a year ago, but I don't remember why.

EDIT: Oh, and btw, the first song I learned completely that included a worth-mentioning solo was Famous Last Words by MCR
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Last Summer - LostProphets. That solo used to beat the crap outa me...
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First whole song i learned to play was 'A Bid Farewell' by Killswitch Engage
I believe the first song I ever learned some shitty rock and roll tune. The first song with a solo I nailed 100% was Hotel California. Hotel California was also the first solo I played live.
But... Maybe that or the first solo was either the solo from she-wolf by Megadeth or James' solo from Master of Puppets.
The first song I learned completely, with solo's and everything, was Arctic Monkeys - I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor. Always a winner.
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The first song i learned al the way through was fade to black, then creeping death. Youve gotta love the simplicity of ride the lightning
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La Bamba minus the solo.
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i love how everyone who says ''searchbar'' are 09ers

mine was metallica's nothing else matter, after a month or so of playing

and i don't even like metallica lol

I'm terribily sorry search bars don't like to work as expected sometimes or bring up threads that are long dead. So new thread or necro thread? I vote new clean slate.
My first full song was Closer to the Heart by Rush, first solo was Passage to Bangkok by Rush. Since it's like an intermediate solo it took me like 3 months to learn it but I was determined, it was awesome when I finished it though.
well my first song was smoke on the water but only the first riff, and my first full song (with the solo) was Wasting Love of Iron Maiden
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I'm terribily sorry search bars don't like to work as expected sometimes or bring up threads that are long dead. So new thread or necro thread? I vote new clean slate.

i am agreing on the new thread, that's what i said, everyone who says ''searchbar'' are newcomers who want to feel cool because older people said it before
reviving old threads get you flamed too anyways

so either way, you're flamed
i am with you on that
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Welcome Home - Coheed & Cambria

To this day those chords at the beginning still **** me over, my muscle memory just can't get them down.

My first song was Seek and Destroy, on rhythm (no solo).
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