I posted this in Gear Building, but I thought I might get a better response here.

Hello UG.

I have a Fender Mexican Strat that I'm going to do a massive customizing job to. I'm ordering a Maple neck from Warmouth (I should have gotten a maple neck from the start) and I'm going to give it locking tuners, and new pots. I also want to change the pickups as my current ones sound pretty generic.

I play a lot of different styles, but I mainly stick to early rock, classic rhythm & blues and soul. So I'm looking for something that can give me some good funky rhythm sounds in the vein of guitarists like Steve Cropper, the guitarist for The Funk Brothers, and leads in the vein of people like Steven Van Zandt (Use this clip as an example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rDFcGBe9VvM (Solo starts around 3:20)). However, I also want to maintain the Strat's traditional bell like chime, so I can achieve stuff like The Edge and what not.

Also, I tend to get pretty aggressive when I strum and I always hit the selector switch. Is there any possible way I can prevent that from moving so easily, besides being more careful?

Thanks for all the help!
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Contact Dimarizo, and ask them to make you a set of 12 pole single coil pickups, they are the most godly sounding single coil pickups every made. As for tuners, dosent really matter if their locking or not, I have All Parts tuners on mine, and they work fine, as long as their better than what Fender puts on there.

To prevent you hitting the selector switch, you could try getting a custom pickguard that has it moved somewhere else, so you dont hit it.