Not entirely sure if I'm posting in the right section here but I'll give it a go. I'm looking for some top notch jamtrack software. It doesn't have to support recording but minimal features I would want it to have:

- Different genres of jamtracks (rock, blues, jazz, samba, w/e)
- Having it played in any key
- 'Real' sound, so no midi stuff

Not really looking into buying some right now, just want to know what's out there and what people's expriences are. Anyone?
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what about http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/ and http://www.guitarbt.com/ Its not a software, but you can download backing tracks to jam along with. A lot of the stuff on there are commercial songs that are covered, but there are lots of jam tracks on there that people make that you can jam along with. Especially for blues and such, I've found lots of blues jam tracks to play along with and have some fun with.
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