hi, i need a wah pedal for 150$ or so.

I would mainly use it for solo-ish sounds such as the unforgiven III solo, as an example, but also use it for other wah pedal needs obviously, such as playing certain songs etc. u get what i mean lol.

Was thinking of the Zakk wylde zw-45 wah crybaby, because i have his ODrive pedal and it is very good, so i would expect the same level of quality as well, and its within price range, but can anybody recommend some good wah pedals or tell me if the zw-45 is worth my purchase.

I dont know too much about wah pedals, so any help would be greatly appreciated! I just heard that crybabys are very good pedals, and I tried them myself and they sound great.

Thanks again.
out of all the songs and all the sounds in the world you chose that one? the unforgiven 3? well if thats what you want you want a KH-signature and you wont get it for that price. You could try n find a superior pedal used though, Crybaby from hell per chance?
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That was just an example because it was just on the radio lol, but basically i want a pedal that would be good to make a distorted wah sound really nice in solo's.
morley wahs, dunlop 535q, dime wah, zakk wylde wah are all great for high gain. the dime and 535 are decent for other, cleaner stuff too.
the new kh way is pritty good if your using it with distortion
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