What do you guys think of the Epi Sheraton II?

I was looking at a few types of guitars (including Artcore AS73, Epi Casino, Gretsh Electromatic) when I found a listing of a Sheraton II for $350! ($600 new).

So I was wondering what you guys thought of the Sheraton II, and if I should jump at this deal.

Thanks a lot!


Edit: Only downside: it has a "natural" finish instead of the sunburst. :/

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I've got a black Sheraton ii, and I really love it. I think it could have some stronger pickups, but overall, the guitar is excellent for Blues, Jazz, and Fusion. It can get some pretty generic rockin' tones as well.
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this isn't relevant to your post or the thread, but yes, electric organs are way cool i have serious GAS for a transistor organ of some description (ideally a vox continental but that may be a bit ambitious damn i wish i'd been around in the '60s!)

anyway, on topic, i have an older sheraton (from 1998) which has quite different spec and may be very different to a newer one. But it is an incredibly nice guitar, considering i only paid £235 for it
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Not only do I want this guitar now, but I want to listen to more of this band.

He gets a reallly nice sound out of that guitar.

What do you guys think of that guitar in a natural finish though? I think it looks far inferior to the sunburst, but this listing is $250 less than regular price.
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What do you guys think of that guitar in a natural finish though? I think it looks far inferior to the sunburst, but this listing is $250 less than regular price.

I think it looks much better in the natural finish. If I was saving that much off the price I'd take whatever colour.

And yes listen to more Silversun Pickups. On a slightly spammy note, I'm seeing them tomorrow night!
Wow, in those pictures the natural finish looks... pretty good. Maybe it's just the stock photos on a white background that make it look too plain.

I emailed the guy about the guitar, and I am looking into buying it/ chipping in with my parents to get it for Christmas.

And I get my first paycheck on Friday!

I actually played the Sheraton II earlier today for the first time and seriously loved it. I much prefer over the Artcore and Casino. And at $350 that's a sweet deal.
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Ah, Silversun Pickups. Gotta love em. Also, I like the natural finish better than the others. I would go for it. Seriously, one of the best Epiphones.

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Anything else I should know before I tell this guy I'll most likely be buying his guitar?

Edit: Just discovered this guitar is five years old. Does that change anything?
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He sold the guitar to someone else

This is still the guitar I want to get, however.

But since I will eventually be looking to buy it new for around $600, are there any other guitars in this range I should take a look at before I pick up the Sheraton II?
Found a new seller: 1989 Sheraton with natural finish and the gold plating is wearing off the hardware -- $400.

Is there anything bad about getting a 20-year-old guitar? Pros/cons?

Thank you!
It may need some restoration, but everybody here would agree that it is way better to get a vintage guitar, specially for that price

EDIT: if it works (all electronics are OK, everything is in place, etc.), plays and sounds well, you should really get it.
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