im buying a new guitar soon, and my two top choices are an Ibanez RG5EX1 and a used ESP LTD KH-202. unfortunately im left handed and lefties are kinda hard to come by so these are the best guitars i thought i could find in the 400-500$ price range. i just wanted to ask which of the two you guys thought was better. or if you had any other suggestions. thnks
I'd get the Ibanez. The low end LTDs aren't all that great, especially a low end signature. I wasn't impressed with the two KH202s I've played.
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Out of those 2 I would go for the ibanez. That esp isnt that good and that your just paying for Kirks Sig.
low end LTD's suck
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Ibanez, I found my £500 S series much more "alive" than a grands worth of Eclipse II, so Ibanez all the way.
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The 1st 3 are so deep in your budget you could change the pickups and you would have a badass guitar. Dont bring the hate. Those guitars are great for the money.

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They are good man. Yeah i know the site looks low budget and shit lol, but you get decent guitars for the money and if you buy one of those SXs you can just put new pickups in there and you will have a great guitar for a lower price than both the Ibanez and ESP LTD. Your a lefty man I dont think you have much options, and even if they dont feel good Kurt(rondo music owner) will refund your money, no problem.
If you go used you can get a pretty decent guitar in that price range.

I paid $350 for my lefty Schecter Hellraiser C1 and it came with a hardshell case too.

Keep an eye on Craigslist and ebay and something that interests you is bound to come up.
Ibanez ftw.
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I'm a lefty and I play right handed guitar. IMO right handed is better for lefties because the left hand does all the fret work.
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Take the Ibanez, please.
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I'd go Ibanez. Agiles are great guitars, don't know a damn thing about Douglas or SX but I've heard a few horror stories, and the LTD KH-202 is not a bad guitar mind you, but go ibanez.

I've got an ibanez rg2ex1 in white, and I've found almost all RG's to be the same. Aside from varying pickups (which if they're IBZ made they all sound the same to me) and trem / hardtail, they only vary in minute specific preferences. I'm happy with my rg, so I'm shooting for the KH-202.

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Hoping to add a KH-202 and BC Rich Mockingbird ST in the near future. I'm a collector of sorts. Desperately hoping for a new amp this X-mas though >_>
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but like i said, im left handed so that just screws up the whole thing.

I'm a lefty aswell and your right theirs not a whole lot out there for us south paws to choose from.I tried the kh 202 and wasn't inpressed at all,felt very cheap and sounded like crap aswell.I tried a Rg5ex1 and really liked the guitar,only thing I didn't like was the silver finish.The thing was great other than the paint job,much better than the kh202 for sure.They had a Rg370dxl that I tried and ended up getting,it's basically the same guitar but it was in satin black so I went with it.The 370 replaced the 5ex1 so there basically the same but the 5ex1 is discontinued.

The 370 is great it has the wizzard neck which is very fast playing,and very comfy once you get used to it.The edge3 trem is also very good if your set up is good,mine stays in tune very well.Tuners are good,electronics are good for a stock guitar but pickups could be better but for the money it's a very solid guitar.With some better pups this is a real winner and hard to beat.Go for the Ibanez for sure.

Look here for some good lefty options,they ship fast and have very friendly staff aswell.Good luck in whatever you choose.
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you should get the ibanez
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In your case, Ibanez. Best superstrats imo. I love the eclipse and the viper tho.
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I'd save for a better LTD.

EDIT: The 5ex1 is pretty good,
But my vote is still for the better LTD.
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