I started modding my DS-1. Decided on the "vintage" mod. It calls for a .033uF capacitor in spot C3, which should decrease the bass in the signal. RadioShack didn't have a .033uF, so I soldered together a .01uF and a .022uF in parallel. I believe this should serve as a substitute. I soldered them into C3 and tested the pedal. Now, I can hear distortion, but there is also a very loud buzzing sound, which basically overpowers the guitar signal. I tried a different pedal, same guitar, amp and cables. Everything is fine with the other pedal. So, it appears I've messed up something with the new capacitor. I couldn't have screwed it up completely, since I can still hear some of the guitar's signal coming through on the amp.

I could try resoldering the old capacitor back in. I could remove the new capacitors and try re-soldering them in again. I could throw away the ds-1 and just buy a new one. (Really just kidding about the last choice.) Does anyone have any suggestions for what to try to fix this problem?
check to make sure your solder joints aint cold. how often do you solder? if you leave the iron on the component legs too long it can fry the caps.

edit: check to make sure you dont have any solder bridges either
So, I should try resoldering the connections first? That makes sense. I've only soldered a couple times before. I did read not to leave the iron on the legs of the capacitor too long. It was probably touching for less than a second each, since it doesn't take much solder to make the connection.

If resoldering doesn't fix it, would you suggest trying new capacitors? How would I tell if I fried them?

The connections are very even, and are only touch the intended places. I already took a very close look.
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That makes sense from what I've read about grounding pickups. I just resoldered the capacitors in place and I'm having exactly the same problem. There are no black spots on them, so I didn't fry them.

How do I identify where I've disconnected the ground? Is there a way to find the problem visually?
Should I just assume that I soldered the new components correctly? Should I be examining the places where the already existing components were soldered onto the board in the factory? It seems likely that some of the wires could have been pulled loose when I took the pedal apart. Do I need to get a multimeter to test connections, or is it possible to just eye-ball everything to find the problem?
if the wire can be removed from where it was soldered easily then that's an issue. i replaced 2 wires the last time i opened my ds-1. probably oughta check them all. the ones connected to the input and output were the obvious ones for me