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nighttime intermission

We commenced like a flurry
of diligently hurried, intelligent men on the road.
there were no delegations, no tense trepidations,
no women here, as you can see.
and we spoke of our futures more often,
deciding just where we might let freedom ring
for our country had held us from knowing the truth
of the supposed "land of the free."

so go get what you want and just hope it's what you need.
but if it aint you can't complain, at least you got something.

at the end of the movies, those delicate endings
of hopelessly false fantasies
they dont ever go showing anything worth knowing
or relatively convincing.
and the end of the world, well, it's coming, i've heard
but these days who knows what to believe.
just keep hoping and praying the words they've been saying
are a fleeting new form of disease.

so you think of what you want but just don't succumb to greed,
cause if you do, then someday you'll lose sight of everything

if in the morning you wake up with thoughts now referring
to dreams you had seen in the night.
don't be frightened or worried if someday those visions
materialize in your life.
'cause it's happened to me, though i can't guarantee
that it someday will happen to you
but i can tell you one thing, it's really not something
that happens as you want it to

so dream of what you want but don't tell anyone
cause if you do, they wont come true,
at least that's what they say.
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This one got better as I read on. When I read the "land of the free" line, I audibly groaned, but thankfully, it didn't devolve into your typical "**** America" piece. I might consider changing that line, only because it's a little predictable, and sort of leaves a bad taste in the mouth for the rest of the song. While it may have elements of commentary, the piece is more mature than that line sets it up for. Good job.


thanks synth

thanks to you as well, chaingarden. i can only hope that others do not feel the same way about that line. ill try to get to your piece whenever i find the spare time

SV - i would, if i could find it

news: facebook link to video of me performing this song in rough draft form, and i was looking pretty rough myself unfortunately